Tuesday, December 1, 2015

$5 Ebook Giveaway

Hello Readers,

Who's excited that school is out or almost out? I definitely am... gives me more time to read books over the holidays! And who wouldn't love the chance to get a free book to read over the holidays. If the book you want, I can get for cheaper as a paperback or hardback, I will send you that copy instead. Down below is the rafflecopter! So fill it out for a chance to win!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sorry for the Absense

Hello dear readers,

I have been absent for a very long time. I had a lot of issues going on during the school semester, and some of my issues carried over into the summer. I didn't have much time to even think about blogging, and the time that I did have, I was busy with my family. On top of these personal issues, I also started a summer job which I had to wake up for at like 5 in the morning and I didn't get off until late in the afternoon.

So to make a long story short, because I could definitely go on longer about this, I will hopefully be getting back to blogging on a somewhat consistent routine by January. I may blog a few posts here and there, but don't expect anything until after this semester has ended and the holidays are over. As a thank you to those who have checked even when I wasn't posting, I am going to host up to $5 ebook giveaway for the ebook of your choice!!!! YAY!!!! I will probably have that giveaway starting on the 1st of December and ending Christmas Eve, so it will be like a Christmas gift from me. I would love to give more, but right now, I just can't. I still want to say thanks!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review: Bittersweet by Kimberly Loth

25037585Bittersweet by Kimberly Loth

Every Sunday Savannah Ray gets an email from her dead dad. She doesn’t know how the emails work but she’s finally ready to start looking for answers. To find those answers she has to go to the one place she swore she’d never set foot in after he died—Haunted Valley, the amusement park. Once there and on the hunt for answers she is distracted by the charming Dallas and falls hard for him. When the answers she finds aren’t what she expected and Dallas betrays her, Savannah must make a choice—succumb to the insanity that destroyed her father or find the strength to rise above it.

Pages: 183
Format: Ebook (also in Paperback)
Published by: Kimberly Loth
Genre: YA Contemporary

3 stars
It was easy to be drawn into Savannah's life, and it wasn't hard to stay in her story. This was a very quick read and could easily be finished within a day. I loved Savannah, she had such a feisty attitude and she grew a lot from the very beginning. I loved her uncle and her friend, Julia, but I did not like her romantic interest. He grated a lot on my nerves and even when it was explained out, I just wasn't able to accept him. I loved the idea of the book being set around working at an amusement park because I love amusement parks and find it really cool when this story had a major focus on the amusement park. It was sad at times and funny at other times, and I found myself at times trying not to laugh out loud in class while I read this book.
Note: I received this book free to read and review. Thanks to Kimberly Loth.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog Tour + Excerpt, Giveaway, and Review: Travel Glasses by Chess Desalls

Title: Travel Glasses
Series: The Call to Search Everywhen
Author: Chess Desalls
Publication Date: May 7, 2014
Calla Winston’s mobile devices sit in a corner of her room, covered  in dust. Weeks ago, she shared photos and laughs with her best online friend. Now, after having felt the sting of betrayal, she prefers being hidden and friendless. She equates privacy with security and technology with pain.
Then she meets Valcas, an otherworldly time traveler who traverses time and space with a pair of altered sunglasses. When an ethereal being knocks Calla to the ground near her family’s lakeside cottage, Valcas uses the Travel Glasses to help her escape. He offers his further protection in exchange for a promise. Intrigued by Valcas and the possibility of time travel, Calla accepts. That is until she learns that his search for her was nomere coincidence.
Calla sets off on her own, taking the Travel Glasses with her. Torn between searching for her estranged father and reuniting with the rest of her family, she tracks down the inventor of the Travel Glasses in hopes of discovering more about Valcas’ past and motivations. The Travel Glasses take Calla’s mistrust of technology to all new levels. But without them, she’ll never make it back home. With Valcas hot on her trail, Calla hopes to find what she’s looking for before he catches up.
Goodreads | Amazon 

I drank deeply from the crystal goblet. The liquid was cool and its flavor was unfamiliar.

“Aren’t these the type of questions one asks before choosing a fiancée?”

Valcas flashed a wide toothy grin. “You’ll fill your role perfectly.”

“What is my role, exactly?”

He draped his arm around me, pulling me closer so that he could explain in a hushed voice. “I just usurped a new throne. Local custom, law actually, requires that a successor not related by blood to the prior ruler be married. Do not worry. You’ll just be posing, acting. You are naturally beautiful and slightly unapproachable— they will interpret that as being secure in your own superiority. It also helps that you have the aura and freshness of someone from a distant land.”

I gave Valcas a hard look. I already knew that he wanted me to help him pretend to be engaged and that he was protecting me from what attacked me twice at the dock. In my haste to get away from the lake I’d agreed to help him. As reality set in, however, the arrangement was starting to sound a lot more long­term and, worse yet, deliberately planned—very well researched. I wasn’t exactly bad looking, but I wouldn’t consider myself beautiful. Was he trying to flatter me? The food in my stomach churned. I gently pulled away from Valcas’ embrace and smoothed out my napkin.

“What if when you found me I was unattractive?”

“I don’t see how that would happen. A dark­haired beauty was one of the necessary components of the search.”

“What were the other necessary components of the search?”

“Well, basic information such as your age, name, rough location—”

“You searched for me? By name?” When he told me about tracking my attacker, I assumed that his search was not specific to me, that I just happened to be the white light’s target when he found it and that I conveniently could return his favor.

“Yes, you.”

Author Bio:
Hi! I recently authored the first two installmentsof the YA time travel serial series, The Call to Search Everywhen. I'm a longtime reader of fantasy and sci-fi novels, particularly classics and young adult fiction. There's nothing quite like a good fairy tale or fable. When I'm not writing I enjoy traveling, reading and trying to stay in tune on my flute. 

Author Links: 

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Week at a Glance #7

Goals for this Week:


Currently Reading
Received: Netgalley
Format: E-copy
Review: Yes


Currently Reading
Received: Laura Pauling
Format: E-copy
Review: Yes

Last Week's Accomplishments:


Friday, March 13, 2015

Cover Reveal: Polaris Awakening

There’s trouble brewing on Polaris. Under the watchful eye of the space station’s supercomputer, Zeus, the lower classes are awakening to the corruption of their wealthy, privileged, and protected leaders. When the quiet voices of protest get louder and alliances form, change dawns on the horizon. But the small acts of resistance won’t be enough to subvert the system for long. Zeus is alert to the growing threat level, and he will do whatever’s necessary—including purging the lower levels of Polaris—to preserve stability for all.
Inspired by the mythology of the constellations hung around Polaris, the seven stories in Polaris Awakening reimagine the classic characters in a futuristic world where alien creatures are commonplace, combat arenas are used for entertaining foreign dignitaries, slaves and soldiers stand side by side, and music orchestrates a revolution. And their first acts of defiance are just the beginning. Polaris will never be the same.
There are seven stories contributing to the anthology. And our authors (in order of appearance) are: Kellie Sheridan, Erin Latimer, Erica Crouch, Janna Jennings, Hannah Davies, Terra Harmony, and Meghan Jashinsky.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week at a Glance Monday #6

Goals for this Week:


Currently Reading
Received: Library
Format: E-copy
Review: No


Currently Reading
Received: Library
Format: E-copy
Review: No

Last Week's Accomplishments:


Finished Reading
Received: Library
Format: E-copy


Finished Reading
Received: Library
Format: E-copy
Did Not Review


Finished Reading
Received: Library
Format: E-copy
Did Not Review

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review: Homecoming by Kass Morgan

Homecoming by Kass Morgan

Weeks after landing on Earth, the Hundred have managed to create a sense of order amidst their wild, chaotic surroundings. But their delicate balance comes crashing down with the arrival of new dropships from space.

These new arrivals are the lucky ones - back on the Colony, the oxygen is almost gone - but after making it safely to Earth, GLASS's luck seems to be running out. CLARKE leads a rescue party to the crash site, ready to treat the wounded, but she can't stop thinking about her parents who may still be alive. Meanwhile, WELLS struggles to maintain his authority despite the presence of the Vice Chancellor and his armed guards, and BELLAMY must decide whether to face or flee the crimes he thought he'd left behind.

It's time for the Hundred to come together and fight for the freedom they've found on Earth, or risk losing everything - and everyone - they love.

Pages: 352
Format: Ebook (also in Paperback)
Published by: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Genre: YA Sci-fi and Dsytopian

4 stars
I loved this book just as much if not more than the first two books in this series. I just can't get enough of Clark and Bellamy! Part of me hopes that this was the last book in the series, because it ended nicely and left me with no lingering questions; but I would love to still read more about these characters. I still loved Glass's perspective, although it was a little slower than the other three perspectives. I enjoyed Clarke's perspective and obviously Bellamy's perspective. One thing that I was really happy about in this book is that for whatever reason, I enjoyed reading Well's part. I feel that as a character he has grown from the first book. I still would have enjoyed reading in Sasha's perspective, but it was ok that there wasn't hers.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Taylor Swift Book Tag

As my first post of the year, I am doing the Taylor Swift Book Tag, because it seemed fun and was indirectly tagged over at Enchanted by YA

We Are Never Ever Getting Back together
Pick a book or series you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with.
- House of Night Series because it just kept going and my attention was waning toward it.
Pick a book with a red cover.
 - Masque of the Red Death has a beautiful red cover (not fully red, but the red is really highlighted).
The Best Day
Pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic.
-  Poison by Bridget Zinn. It's a cute, quick read, with lovable characters.
I Knew You Were Trouble
Pick a bad character you couldn’t help but love.
 - I have never really loved any bad characters in any book.
Pick a book someone ruined the ending for.
- Allegiant was ruined for me by many of people.
Everything has Changed
Pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development.
-  Cassidy from Prom Impossible if I recall correctly. I don't really remember extensive character development when I read books.
You Belong with Me
Pick your most anticipated book release.
 - A Wicked Thing by Rhiannon Thomas.
Forever and Always
Pick your favourite book couple.
- Chase and Ember from the Article 5 Series. They are just so amazing, and you can see how much they love each other.
Teardrops on My Guitar
Pick a book that made you cry a lot.
-  Maybe One Day was a really sad and heartbreaking story.
Shake it Off
Pick a book that you love so much, you just shake off the haters.
-  Mythos Academy and Shadow Falls Series are both that way for me.
Blank Space
Pick the most over hyped book or series that didn’t work for you at all.
 - Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series... I couldn't even get into the very first book, it bored me that much.
Pick the most under hyped book or series that you think deserves the spotlight.
 - Empty Coffin Series is an amazing series that I think a lot of people would love if it was as talked about as the Divergent Series or Hunger Games Series.
The Story of Us
Pick a couple you think should end up together.
-  Jacinda and Cassian from the Firelight Series. I just loved Cassian and though that he should have been with Jacinda.
Love Story
Pick a forbidden love in a book or series.
- Ash and Meghan in the Iron Fey Series. Their forbidden love was really strong and beautiful.
Everyone who reads this can feel free to do it also! )