Thursday, August 29, 2013

Romance of Paranormals

Could you imagine being thrust into a world of supernaturals that you didn't even know existed?
Prince of Wolves, Book 1
Luckily for Jacque, Sally, and Jen - they aren't alone. They have each other. The first book of the Grey Wolves Series is a little slow and somewhat hard to get through, but once you get passed that the rest of the series is phenomenal (well up to the 5th - I'm about to start the sixth and I have no doubts that it won't be just as great as the five before). The series shows how three teens discover that they have one perfect soul mate out there for them - the catch is that they are werewolves. After they discover the world of supernaturals involving faes, witches, warlocks - you name it, they find that their lives are always centered around some form of danger. This is one series filled with danger, love, and friendship that you don't want to miss out on. Their loves aren't just any love story - it's one filled with minds being read and knowing that they have someone that will love them so completely that they couldn't live without them.
Blood Rites, Book 2Just One Drop, Book 3Out of the Dark, Book 4Cover for 'Beyond the Veil, Book 5 The Grey Wolves Series'