Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: Writing on the Wall by Tracey Ward

Writing on the Wall by Tracey Ward

I’m a girl stuck in Neverland with The Lost Boys. I’m no Wendy, I can hold my own. I don’t need to wait around for Peter to save me, but I’m also not an idiot. I know my enemies.

It's been nearly a decade since the world ended. Since Joss watched her parents die at the hands of a nightmare, a nightmare that stalks her even now, all these years later. That's the problem with the Risen - they refuse to die.

But Joss is a survivor. A loner living in the post-apocalyptic streets of Seattle. It's a world dictated by Risen and the looming threat of the Colonists, a group of fellow survivors living comfortably in their compounds and patrolling the wild, looking to "save" the orphans of the end. 

Orphans like Joss. Like Ryan.

As a member of an all male gang, Ryan is a threat as real as the Risen, a threat Joss avoids at all costs. Then one night their paths cross and Joss makes a choice that goes against all of her instincts. A choice that will threaten everything she has.

Now a new outbreak is imminent and the Colonists are closing in. Joss' solitary, secret world will be blown wide open and the comfortable numbness she's lived in for the last six years will burn away leaving her aching and afraid. 

And awake.

*The Survival Series is a spinoff of Quarantined, two books set in the first days of the outbreak as it swept across the Pacific Northwest.

Pages: 171
Format: Ebook (also in Paperback)
Published by: Tracey Ward
Genre: YA Dystopian, Post-Apocalytic, Horror (Zombies)


Writing on the Wall is a phenomenal story with equally intriguing characters. I remember starting off reading about Joss and thinking that she was a capable character (brave and strong all wrapped up in one). She didn't need to hold someone's hand to make sure that she survived, she did it all by herself. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have her fears... she's just as human as the rest of us (and more human than the Zombies :p), I enjoyed reading that she wasn't some perfect being who never got frightened or scared, because as unrealistic as this book actually is, she was realistic. I also feel that she was a believable character because she didn't automatically do what would be noted as acceptable, she considered her options. And when it was necessary, she went above and beyond (to her standards) to do something that she did not feel comfortable doing. This made her more real to me and was probably the moment that I felt like she was a character that I knew I would click with. She had a very spunky attitude, and will to fight and survive that made her such a fantastic character. One thing that stood out to me about Joss was that in a world, like the one she was brought up in, not everything is as clear as how we would view it - in relation to our morals. Things we would view as immoral, she was unable to differentiate and determine if that was still the case anymore. Ryan has his own unique sense of humor that I adored because it reminded me of my own friends. Joss and Ryan had a way of clicking so well together that made the story come together in only a way that could because of them - which brings me to their love story. It was great! I though it moved along at a perfect rate. For Ryan and Joss, it was probably a "once in a million" chance that they would find someone that they would love because of the way their world is. I thought it was adorable, sweet, and amusing the way they interacted with each other and started falling for one another. Now on to secondary characters, well they were all very well-written. I like Nats and Lexy, but I did not like Vin or Breanne, and I'm completely undecided about Crenshaw... I don't know whether to like him or not. The world was interesting and not exactly what I would expect in a world where the Apocalypse has occurred, but I liked it's difference from other Apocalyptic worlds. Well, at least not what I expected from a Zombie Apocalyptic world. The conclusion left me begging for more.

This was one of those rare books that I could pick up and right front the "get-go" and connect with it. Writing on the Wall was also one of my "all-time favorite" Zombie books that I have read. If Zombies are you're "cup of tea", then I would definitely recommend picking this book up. The characters were so well-written and almost impossible not to enjoy and possibly not to connect with. Let me just say, if I could get my hands on book number two right now... I would have had it before this review was even up. That means I will have to wait... I really wish that weren't the case because I'm not ready to take a break from Joss's story! I cannot wait to read Backs Against the Wall, the second book n the Survival Series.

Note: I received this book free from Tracey Ward in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beyond by S.P. van der Lee

All I have to say is I am gearing up for the release of Beyond, which I will hopefully be posting a review on here before it's even out. Thanks to the author for giving me a free copy! I mean doesn't this book just sound absolutely fantastic and intriguing!

Release date: November 25th 2013
Sixteen-year-old Raven desperately wants to fit in, but after using a Ouija Board, her already overwhelming hallucinations take a turn for the worse. A ghostly figure named Sam begins to haunt Raven and seems eager to kill her. She's saved by a reclusive biker named Damian who goes to the same school and appears to have an interest in her. Raven can't help but fell drawn to him. Determined to uncover Damian's connection to the ghost, Raven sets out to discover his secret and the reason Sam started haunting her. However, there's more at stake than just her reputation. Raven's choice between unveiling Damian's true intentions, and living a normal life will put everyone she cares about at risk. To save the, she'll have to go beyond.
Lives are ruined.
Hearts are shattered.
Death lurks at every corner.

*Squeal then Sigh* I must say that I cannot wait to start it. Probably going to give it a look right after I finish typing this... or maybe tomorrow since I do have to catch up on some TV shows. Either way, this is one book I can't wait to get my hands on and I hope it's the same for you.

Here's a look at S.P. van der Lee's amazing trailer for the book: Beyond Book Trailer

And finally, this amazing poster from S.P. van der Lee....

Friday, November 8, 2013

ARC Review: Love and Cola Wars by Heidi Loney

Love and Cola Wars by Heidi Loney

In a parallel world, the city of Toronto has privatized all aspects of public life, including schools, where the ultimate rivalry is between the two biggest cola corporations in the world.

Sixteen year old Coco Caro is a good girl from a good Coca Cola home. Just as summer is closing, she meets Vincente Moreno, an up-and-coming Olympic fencer who attends her rival high school, Pepsi Co. At first, Coco has no idea who Vincente is or where he comes from. But when she discovers his identity, Coco must choose her loyalties: avoid Vincente at all costs or see him in secret.

Enter into the picture Cody Warwick, handsome Microsoft college junior and fencing aficionado. Cody has the world eating out of his hands, but Coco knows there is more to him than meets the eye. When her father wants her to entertain Cody at his annual Coke barbeque, Coco must play the dutiful daughter against her better judgment. And when a group of student activists challenge the status-quo at Coke High, Coco questions her own core values.

Meanwhile, Vincente has troubles of his own. Coco’s cousin, fencing star Silvino Rodrigues, challenges Vincente to a fencing bout, for which Vincente forgoes because of his personal set of principles. Eventually, Vincente must use his training skills and daring to defend Coco’s honour in an ultimate fencing blow-out.

Filled with swoon-worthy romance and kick-ass sword fighting, LOVE AND COLA WARS is a satirical love story set in a parallel world of cola and corporations.

Pages: 209
Format: Ebook (also in Paperback)
Published by: Heidi Loney
Genre: YA Romance


The love story in Love and Cola Wars was a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet. I enjoyed that it portrayed Vincente feeling the same way a girl would feel in that situation, because personally I feel that guys are portrayed with emotions but none where the boy feels shy or like he won't be good enough, so I like how Vincente was more "real". I did like that even once they had started dating, that their relationship was "fresh", they were shy and new around each other with their actions and their words. The story is a cute, light read with a touch of humor that you could probably finish within a few days. I, personally, had trouble putting this book down because I was just captivated by the story-line. The concept of the story itself is really quite interesting because I could, honestly, see it happening, since there's already a battle between which is better: Coke or Pepsi products. The characters were really likable, especially Gabby (Coco's little sister). Although, the secondary characters didn't really have any distinguishable characteristics that set them apart from each other, but I didn't mind that much since they were not involved in the story-line that much. The ending was pretty sweet. The ending was also great because it didn't leave me with any lingering questions or confusion, which was fantastic!

Note: I received this book free from Heidi Loney in exchange for an honest review.

New Experience

I know I havn't posted in some time - I've been very busy, especially with it being my first semester in college.

Anyway, I've recently started reviewing books for authors. It's fun and I enjoy it tremendously. It also gives me the chance to read other books that my local library does not normally get. These books that I have been reading are the books that my library really should look into :)

One of these books happens to be Love and Cola Wars by Heidi Loney. First thing I want to mention is that as a retelling of Romeo and Juliet (or as I like to say a regular Romeo and Juliet), I had my doubts just because I'm not a huge fan of the original storyline, but I decided that I could give it a shot. And I was impressed to say the least! It wasn't at all sad like I imagined, not saying it didn't have it's sad moments - but what book doesn't? This book was such a cute, light read that those moments of sadness did not deter me from reading. I learned one thing out of this that just because I adhore Romeo and Juliet, does not mean I should assume all of the retellings will be just as bad.

If you are in the mood for a cute, light (and maybe a little cheesy :) ) read that can bring a smile to your face, then I would definitely give this book a chance.

The book that I will be reviewing next is Reaping me Softly by Kate Evangelista. But check out my next blog post over the best "dark" covers!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #1: Favorite Dark and Light Covers

This is my first Top Ten Post, as you can see... there are only eight listed so I guess this is technically a Top Eight Post. :)

I wanted to touch down on the first thing that normally draws me into the book: the covers themselves! Yes, I will admit that I do judge a book on its cover first because from past experiences, the better the cover means the better the book. The books below are ones that show a dark aspect, while leaving an impression of lightness!

So here are my favorite "dark and light" covers of books that I have yet to read!

I would love to hear what your favorite "dark" covers are, and why. As, you already know I will be reviewing Reaping Me Softly next, but I will probably add in Beyond with it! By the way, Beyond comes out on November 25th, so go check it out if you like my review! There will also be a bonus book being reviewed!

Be on the lookout for my next Top Ten Favorite Covers! If you would like to see a certain Favorite Cover Theme, just leave a comment below and I will add it!