Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review: The Case of the Tiffany Killer: A Peggy Hart Mystery by A. R. Rampa

The Case of the Tiffany Killer: A Peggy Hart Mystery by A. R. Rampa

Peggy Hart is your average girl detective in the beautiful idyllic town of Pinewood. That is until a serial killer starts chopping up young girls and leaving their body parts in tiny blue boxes around town. Holy smokes! Can Peggy solve this mystery before the killer strikes again? Can the town of Pinewood recover from such ghastly happenings? Will Peggy ever find her lost little brother? Find out in The Case of the Tiffany Killer. It's like Nancy Drew meets Silence of the Lambs in this fast paced quirky mystery. If anyone can stop this killer it's the irrepressible Miss Peggy Hart.

Pages: 148
Format: Paperback (only)
Published by: Createspace
Genre: YA Mystery


This book is a cute, quick read. Don't get me wrong - the plot of the book is not at all cute - the style of writing is what is cute. Peggy had such a captivating personality that was a mix between Nancy Drew and Scooby-Doo that definitely drew me in. The plot was unique, and the descriptions were fantastic. Although, the book is not very suitable for young kids or even young adults who haven't matured much because of how in-depth some of the descriptions were. Pickles, well, she was quite an amusing character, and the nickname is amazing. I loved the relationship between her and Peggy, they were so close that there were things that they just knew without having to say anything. Arnold fit in perfectly - I enjoyed that he, like many others in this book, wasn't flawless. I also wish that Mildred had been involved in the plot more. Finally, Chuck was interesting. One thing that I kept thinking was that Chuck needed to grow up more. But those feelings didn't stop me from liking Chuck overall.

Would I recommend this book? Most definitely! I personally cannot wait to get my hands on another Peggy Hart Mystery! If you are a fan of the Empty Coffin Series by Gregg Olsen, you should give this book a look at (I wouldn't say it's better - but I love Gregg Olsen's style of writing so he wins by a landslide with almost any "teen detective" books), but A. R. Rampa is a great author also.

Note: I received this book free from Goodreads First Reads Program and A. R. Rampa in exchange for an honest review.