Review Policy

I am not a professional reviewer, but I do write honest reviews. I rarely give out twos or ones, and even when I do, I will not be negative in the review, and will always include something that I saw good in the book. If I cannot finish the book, I will not review it because I believe writing reviews on books that are DNF is not fair or a good enough reflection upon the book. All reviews are my personal opinion.

How I Rate:
~ excellent book, unable to put it down, definitely rereading it or at least rereading my favorite parts, buy worthy (if not owned already), will continue if series

 ~ great book, hard to put down, will continue if series

 ~ good book, might need some improvement, might continue with series, might be hard to get into

 ~ not so good, needs improvement, will not continue with series, unable to fully get into

 ~ book couldn't get into, might not even continue with the book - might just skim the rest of the book

Why I Review
I want to share my personal opinion with others to help them decide if they want to give the book a chance or not. I also want to help spread the word about books that people may or may not have heard of... I love to read and review for indie authors.

What I Review
I will only read and review YA or maybe even Middle School books on my blog (if you are interested in me reading and reviewing anything else, you can still feel free to message me, but the review will only be posted on Amazon). I read almost any subgenre. So if you are an author or publisher who would like to request a review from me, contact me at: If you are a reviewer or a follower of this blog, and there is a book you would like me to read and review, please just post the title and author of the book in the comments section, and I will get it to!

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